Joining the SSEN Management Committee
The Sheffield Social Enterprise Network (SSEN) is a member-led network for Sheffield-based social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. The SSEN provides resources and events that enable members to maximise their impact by sharing knowledge and experience, collaborating on new opportunities, and engaging with key support and strategic organisations.

The Role of a SSEN Management Committee Member
The SSEN Management Committee takes on the ultimate legal and financial responsibility for all the activities of the network. They maintain an overview of policy and strategic direction but sometimes are involved in some day-to-day operations. The role of the Management Committee is summarised below.

Vision and Leadership
● To be committed to the vision, mission and values of the network.
● To provide strategic direction, including agreeing and monitoring strategic plans.
● To keep informed of the activities of the organisation and the wider issues that affect its work.
● To ensure the work of the network is monitored and evaluated.

Accountability & Legal Responsibilities
● To ensure the network complies with its governing document (e.g. constitution).
● To ensure the network keeps to the law, including charity and company law.
● To ensure the network makes efficient use of resources, in particular that all monies are applied to its objects, agreed plans and budgets.
● To ensure that risks to the network, staff, volunteers and members are at an acceptable level and are effectively managed.
● To be accountable to membership, funders and other stakeholders.

Financial & Staff Management
● To understand the financial position of the network.
● To ensure the network's finances are properly managed.
● To ensure the network operates within its agreed accounting policies.
● To ensure adequate financial resources for the network.
● To contribute to fundraising strategies.
● To ensure the network is properly insured against all reasonable liabilities.
● To ensure the network is a responsible employer and adheres to legislation.
● To effectively support and manage the chief officer where (applicable).

Qualities and Skills of Management Committee Members
● Good leadership skills.
● Understanding of and commitment to social enterprise and social impact
● Good communication and interpersonal skills.
● Impartiality and fairness.
● Ability to respect confidences.
● Good time-keeping.

Time Commitment Required
● The term of office for SSEN Management Committee members is a minimum of 2 years
● The role generally requires a commitment of 3-5 hours per month. Role

Alongside these general responsibilities, each role will have role-specific responsibilities that you will be expected to adhere to.
Details of these will be provided at a later stage in the recruitment process.