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SSEN will be hosting 50 delegates attending the 7th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise in Sheffield on Tuesday 25th June at Blend Kitchen. The participants will hear from SSEN and other invited speakers on the infrastructure and ecosystem for regional social enterprise support and development.

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The Sheffield Social Enterprise Network will be having its next Annual General Meeting next month on the 18th April. Please use the link below to reserve your space!

This important event will provide an opportunity for members to be updated on activity, finances and future plans for the SSEN. This is an opportunity for you to meet the Management Committee, get an update on plans for 2019/20 and to network.

We’ll even throw in some free tea, coffee and all being well some croissants.

The meeting will provide a forum for open discussion about how the SSEN can grow and strengthen, so that it can serve its members effectively. This will be a fun and relaxing morning, where attendees can get to know each other and find out what exciting things are on the horizon for social enterprise in Sheffield.

Member vote:

The SSEN Committee has been working hard on plans to develop and grow the network. One of the current challenges we face for increasing activities, attracting funding and growing the network is our unincorporated structure.

Therefore at the AGM we will be holding a formal vote of SSEN members on a proposal to move to an incorporated Community Interest Company model, limited by guarantee with an open membership structure.

We feel SSEN should be leading by example in developing a sustainable social enterprise business model and using a recognised social enterprise structure. Any members present on the day will be able to vote. In practice we see this as a small change behind the scenes to the structure, but with the potential to set the SSEN up for the next exciting stage of supporting social enterprise in Sheffield.

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