An unconference for Sheffield Social Enterprises...

How many times have you been to a conference and wondered why you wasted your money? The agenda isn't quite what you want to talk about; the sessions aren't doing it for you, but you've pre-booked them; there's not enough open and honest discussion of actual real-world experiences. This is where the unconference comes in.

An unconference is a meeting of peers - an open constructive space for discussion of the things you want to talk about. There's a clear framework but the topics are what the attendees want to cover. No more falling asleep in someone else's session: you can contribute and if you don't feel the session is for you, just move to another one - it's fine!

Social enterprises & entrepreneurs need to support each other, to collaborate, to help Sheffield be the best place for social business in the UK. That's why the Sheffield Social Enterprise Network and the Social Enterprise Exchange programme have teamed up to create this new type of event. One that takes your views into account.

Our unconference event ran in September 2017 and is expected to run annually. Watch out for more information about the 2018 event.